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Vyatka-Flex company offers printing of self-adhesive labels for home products.
We have accumulated vast experience in selecting self-adhesive materials and adhesives for bottles with household chemicals of the most complex shapes and various diameters.

When producing labels, we combine self-adhesive materials and printing methods so that the label retains its appearance and is not damaged by interaction with chemicals from the product composition or comes off after exposure to water. Even when the product itself is running out, a perfectly preserved label will continue to remind the consumer that they are using your product.

Vyatka-Flex works with manufacturers of the largest Russian and foreign brands of household goods, and also supports start-up entrepreneurs entering the Ozon, Wildberries and Yandex.Market marketplaces.

You can order label printing by leaving a request on the website or by calling the contact number. Our manager will contact you at any convenient time.

Home products

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