Flexographic printing (flexography, flexo printing) is a printing method that allows you to choose a wide range of materials for packaging your product. The printing process gets its name from the Latin word flexibilis, which means flexible. In a flexographic machine, ink is applied to an anilox roll using a ductor roller, and then it is transferred to an elastic printing plate, from which it is transferred to the printed material.

Thanks to flexibility of printing forms, when using this method, we can provide clients with a wide selection of materials for a label: various types of self-adhesive papers, films, metallized, synthetic materials and cardboards.

The main advantages of flexography:

  • large selection of printing materials types;
  • cost-effective printing for a wide range of print runs;
  • high quality printing;
  • various options for label finishing (lamination, hot and cold stamping, embossing) in a single line.

For flexographic printing we use UV inks on printing machines produced by the world’s leading manufacturers, up to 10 inks per run with various finishing options.

If your product requires label development and printing, contact us about it and we will find a suitable solution. 

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