Digital label

Vyatka Flex printing works offers digital label printing.

Digital printing enables efficient, high-volume, short- or multi-print production of the highest quality, variable data print products.

The technologies we use in the production of digital labels allow businesses to open up new opportunities:

  1. Personalization of labels and stickers.
    We can personalize text (different text on each label), digits (label numbering), graphics (different graphic information), QR code or any combination thereof. Each label in a run can be unique.
  2. Develop and launch a new product.
    Making a pre production sample before making a whole lot. After evaluating the sample, you can begin printing digital labels in industrial quantities.
  3. Sales promotion and special offers.
    Digital printing gives scope for creativity and implementation of ideas for promoting goods. Incentive giveaways, promotions, and marketing solutions will be implemented using HP Indigo technology.
  4. Brand protection.
    Pagination of labels and packaging, control of corporate colors, use of hidden images, special. paints, fonts, materials (wine papers, films, cardboard).
  5. The restrictions that apply to flexo printing are acceptable in digital printing:
    • smooth transition to “0”;
    • composite color may be used in small text;
    • print in CMYK with “reversal” of small text and thin lines
    • photographic print quality

If your product requires digital label printing, contact us and we will find a suitable solution.

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