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Boarding and parking passes

Vyatka-Flex offers professional services for the production of boarding passes. We cooperate with air carriers directly and guarantee high quality products.

Boarding pass is a document containing information about the passenger’s identity and the upcoming flight. With it, clients can work with a convenient automatic identification system. Modern boarding passes contain information about the Customer and special notches for sensors. They are produced using the flexography method. This allows high quality printing, which means that the products perform an image function and contain elements of the airline’s corporate style. Also, many of our clients use the back of their boarding pass for ads. Thus, it can be used as an advertising tool and generate additional income.

Features of production of boarding passes

  • Manufacturing requires strict adherence to standards. Such a document legally confirms the passenger’s status and is required to board the plane. In addition, it is scanned using special equipment.
  • Production requires special equipment, which not every printing house has. Professional paints and technologies are used in the work.
  • The materials used for the production of boarding passes, depending on customer requirements, are thermal cardboard with or without TOP coating, of varying thickness and density.
  • Our equipment allows us to produce full-color printing on the front and back of the boarding pass. Thanks to this, the document acquires the properties of a bright image and advertising tool.
  • A mandatory element in production is perforation for tear-off parts, as well as perforated elements for light sensors at the airport.
  • At request, boarding passes can be supplied either stacked or on a roll.

Vyatka-Flex also produces parking tickets for any equipment designed to automate the operation of specially designated areas and parking lots where you can temporarily leave a vehicle. We pay special attention to the quality of consumables. This allows us to create products that ensure high operating efficiency of the parking terminal under high load conditions.

Vyatka-Flex printing works prints by customer designs and offers standard parking tickets. These are not just payment documents, but also elements of the company’s brand, so if necessary, our specialists will develop an individual design of printed products that will match your corporate style and become an advertising medium on the front and/or back.

We use modern equipment, professional paints and technologies to produce large runs of parking tickets in an extremely short time:

  • different thickness and density;
  • with or without TOP coating;
  • any configuration;
  • with foliation.

Depending on the system installed in the parking lot (PRO-Data, Designa, Ski-Data, etc.), we will make tickets of the required configuration. The complete batch of products can be packed in Z-stack or in rolls.

Leave a request for the production of parking tickets on the Vyatka-Flex website. We will select the materials that are optimal for the terminals you use and print following standards rigorously. All clients are guaranteed prompt delivery in Moscow and other cities of Russia.

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