Authenticity label

Dear partners, we are happy to let you know that Printing Works VF LLC is an accredited partner of the national system “Authenticity Label”.

An Authenticity Label is the National System of Digital Labeling and Traceability of Goods of the Center for the Development of Advanced Technologies (CRPT). Placing a unique marking code on a product label helps combat counterfeiting and smuggling, protects legal businesses and consumers.

As part of labeling projects for various products (beer and low-alcohol drinks, packs of water, soft drinks, food supplements, tobacco, car tires, dairy products), we have the necessary set of equipment and have extensive experience in applying unique marking codes on the labels of our customers’ products.

For car tires labeling, our company offers a comprehensive labeling solution. The comprehensive offer includes a marking label, thermal transfer tape, software, services for setting up software at the customer’s workplace.

Link to the national digital marking system “Authenticity Label” – https://честныйзнак.рф/

Order printing of labels for the “Authenticity Label” system by leaving a request on the website or by calling the contact number. Our manager will call you back at any time you desire.

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